Snow Tubing

Several times a year, our family heads up the mountain for a day of snow tubing at Mt. Hood Skibowl. We love going Snow Tubing at Skibowl because they have an escalator style lift to deliver you safely to the top without all the work. In addition, Skibowl’s accommodations are superb. You can ride a snow tube down the hill, hop on the escalator lift to the top, get a hot chocolate once your there and tube back down the hill in about 10 or 15 minutes. There are occasional lines depending on the day but waiting in line for a few minutes is still better than walking up a hill all day.

Another great activity they have is snowmobiling for kids. Your children can race mini-snowmobiles around a closed course and Danika had a blast doing it. They are fast for a child and the last pic on this page our little dare-devil getting sideways on it!

Snow Tubing Mt Hood Skibowl Danika


Snow Tubing Mt Hood Skibowl Rachel Lockwood

Snow Tubing Mt Hood Skibowl Alex Lockwood

Snowmobile Mt Hood Skibowl (4)

Snowmobiles Mt Hood Skibowl (3)

Snowmobiling Mt Hood

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