Race for the Cure

The Portland Race for the Cure Team Transportation Project

The Portland Race for the Cure draws so many people into one location at one time that even getting to the starting line can be difficult to say the least, not to mention parking. My solution was to transport the entire team to the starting line in a Luxury Party Bus as an extra special “thank you” for participating. Because I own a local Portland marketing company, I knew just the right person to call for help sponsoring the event. JMI Limousine stepped up and donated their new 24 passenger party bus to transport the team to the starting line. Small disclaimer, I was not involved in selecting the team name. Here are a few pictures from that day…


Race for the Cure Portland Or

Race for the Cure Portland

Race for the Cure Robbie Christensen Portland Oregon

Race for the Cure Samantha Christensen

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