Goodbye PDX Carpet

Passing through the Portland International Airport and taking a picture of your feet on the “PDX Carpet” has become a popular things to do.

PDX Carpet Feet

It has become so popular that there are several social media profiles dedicated to PDX Carpet that have gained tens of thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In addition, the carpet has also inspired so many people that several companies have used the pattern on everything from T-shirts to coffee mugs, shoes and socks, there’s even PDX carpet tattoos.

PDX Carpet Tattoo

The original PDX carpet pattern has installed in 1987 and it was design by SRG Architects along with the Port of Portland. It may be hard to see, but the the carpet pattern is a representation of the North-South runways. Now, after 27 years of loyal service, our beloved carpet is being retired. They’ve already begun removing the old carpet and replacing it with a new pattern. Like many other Portlandians, I’m not sure if I like the new design better either. The classic PDX carpet pattern has become an icon and received international attention, so saying goodbye is hard to do. Below is an image of what the new design looks like.

New PDX Carpet Design

Yes, saying goodbye is hard to do, but don’t be afraid because you can still get a PDX carpet inspired T-Shirt until the fad fades (which means they’ll always be available because real Portlandians will never let it die). You can find several variations around town but my favorite my favorite PDX carpet tee is by Portland Gear. I like it the most because the designer used an outline of the State of Oregon inside the “P” of PDX so it has an authentic Portland look. Plus, they’re made locally right here in the heart of Portland so you know it’s good. Here’s a link to the PDX Carpet T-Shirt on the Portland Gear website that I like the most.

PDX Carpet T-Shirt

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