Faster Daddy-Slow Down!

We’ve all heard the joke about the little girl screaming “Faster daddy, Faster…Slow Down!” on the back of her father’s motorcycle.  This is the true story of my little girl, Danika, screaming “Faster daddy, faster…SLOW DOWN!” on the Willamette River in Portland, OR.



My friend, Johnny, owns a speed boat that tops 80mph which feels extremely fast when you’re skipping across the water. One sunny afternoon in the summer of 2012, my family, Johnny and I decided to take his boat for a spin down the Willamette River Waterfront. Here are the pics:

“Faster Daddy”

Alex T Lockwood

“Slow Down”

Alex and Danika

Add Sun Glasses & Speed Up!

Alex T Lockwood Portland

Look Out! …Mom is Driving!

Rachel Lockwood Portland

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