Chip Kelly Leaves Oregon for NFL

Today is a sad day for Oregon Duck fans, Chip Kelly is leaving the Oregon Ducks. I am very disappointed that Chip Kelly has left Oregon Ducks Football behind for the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach job because Chip is going to be hard to replace. Chip Kelly has lead the Oregon Ducks to a record of 46-7 over the past four years.

Chip Kelly Leaves Oregon Ducks Behind

Chip Kelly Leaves Oregon Ducks Behind

The Oregon Duck’s athletic director, Rob Mullens, was confident in a statement addressing Oregon’s search for Chip Kelly’s replacement and the transition:

“Oregon Athletics has executed two successful head coach transitions in the past eighteen years and each time we continued our ascent. We are focused on identifying a leader who is the right fit to guide Oregon Football.” ~Rob Mullens

Chip Kelly NFL Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach

Chip Kelly-New Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach

I can’t help but feel a little stabbed in the back after Chip Kelly publicly decided to stay in Oregon. He even started to recruit for the Oregon Ducks’ next season. Now he’s jumped ship for a bigger paycheck. I can’t necessarily blame him, just don’t go public on ESPN and then go back on your decision. Here is the ESPN video of that press release:

This is my office and I before the Oregon Ducks bowl game. CHip Kelly, Please Come Back!
Chip Kelly-Please Come Back To Oregon!!!

Chip Kelly-Please Come Back To Oregon!!!

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