Boston Terrier Rescue

Last year while organizing my garage and I heard a car honking repeatedly. I looked out in the street and saw a cute little Boston Terrier in a stand off with a neighbor’s car. This particular neighbor is very impatient and he was obviously upset about the fact his path was obstructed. If you don’t already know, I love animals so it should come as no surprise that I drop what I was doing to go rescue the dog.

Boston Terrier - Animal Rescue

I ran out into the street and stood between the dog and the car which was advancing slowly while honking. The little pup approached me wiggling with joy that someone has there to help. I held out my hand as if I had a treat and lead the dog to safety. After we walked back to my garage, I noticed that the adorable little terrier had no tags or collar. Having owned dogs in the past, I had just found an old collar while organizing my garage. After putting the collar on, attaching a lease and getting him a bowl of food and water, I posted a sign at the end of my driveway to help find the owner.

Hours went by while I finished cleaning my garage and no one had stopped to claim him. So I made a few calls and learned that someone had reported a missing terrier at a local shelter. Turns out this little guy had walked over 4 miles! The shelter put me in contact with the owners and a few hours later he was home safe.

The next day the owners randomly stopped by my house with a bottle of wine, thank you card, nice potted plant and a small bag of dog food. I told them I didn’t own a dog anymore and they replied, “that’s OK, just keep it for the next dog you rescue.”

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