About Alex

My name is Alex Lockwood and I’m proud to call Portland, Oregon my home. One of my favorite things about Portland is the community-minded attitude shared across our city’s diverse melting pot of strangers who live here. Most native Portlanders are friendly and will smile or waive to openly welcome strangers and say hello.

Alex Lockwood Portland Oregon

Why Portland?

In Portland, Oregon individuals of all ages, education levels, ethnic backgrounds, income tax brackets, and stereotypical social classes seem to coexist in harmony. These unique eccentricities have even helped coin the term “Keep Portland Weird” and has earned our city it’s very own TV show called Portlandia. However, we don’t think it’s that strange, we call it passion.

Another one of my favorite things about Portland is that we are only a short drive away from a wide variety of fun outdoor activities and amazing natural beauty. In less than two hours you could be at your favorite campsite on Mt. Hood, boating on the Columbia River Gorge, fishing on the Oregon Coast, or hiking in Eastern Oregon’s High Desert.

In addition to great activities and vistas, Portland also has a fascinating local business scene that presents a unique twist. From inspired homespun products to exclusive craft beers and delicious culinary cuisine, it’s always just around the corner in Portland. Although, I should clarify that “delicious culinary cuisine” may have a different meaning to some Portlanders because it might include the food carts at Cartlandia to Maple Bacon Bars at Voodoo Doughnuts, but I don’t mind because that’s what makes us different.

My Early Days

Most of my life growing up was spent in the rural countryside just outside of Sandy, Oregon nestled between Mt. Hood and Portland, Oregon. My family owned a few different small businesses over the years and by the time I made it to high school age I was working four jobs; the family business, weekends on a dairy farm, summers bucking hay for Geren’s Farm Supply and Nuts On Sport Pizza off Highway 26 in Boring, Oregon. From bucking hay and shoveling cow manure to making pizza and taking inventory for the family business, we did it all. There never seemed to be a shortage of work in my childhood, which is how I earned the strong work ethic I have today. Although it felt endless at the time, we made light of the situation the best that we could. Many of the fun opportunities we enjoyed would have never happened without hard work or a little sacrifice and I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather wash dishes for the entire youth group at church camp than not go at all.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me. Please feel free to contact me directly because I love meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends. Thanks again.